Thursday, November 21, 2019

Advantages & Disadvantages of Monsters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advantages & Disadvantages of Monsters - Essay Example According to Shaw, in Where Monsters Hide, of all the monsters that are said to exist, demons are factual. Demons refer to spirits, which were previously angels inside paradise, though were à ©migrà © to the under-earth as God’s castigation for their defiant nature. This paper will assess the different beliefs regarding the presence of demons like a class of monsters. Therefore, the thesis statement would be: demons are actual monsters mainly attributed to evil deeds and lies. For many years, the question of the presence of demons as monsters has been posted. Werber in his piece titled Experimental Studies on the Origin of Monsters I. An Etiology and an Analysis of the Morphogenesis of Monsters studies what relates to demonic possession to prove that demons really exits and that the only thing they do is causing humans to suffer. Also, an excerpt by Hillix, A Choice of Monsters, tries to clarify the presence of demons and angels. He explores whether or not demons still possess humans today. In an attempt to clarify his assertions, Werber states that demons do exist and that they possess human beings. In many instances, if demons possess an individual, they pass on their monstrous/evil conducts and appearance to the person. He observed that even throughout the time when Jesus was on earth, he dispossessed demons from individuals. The writer explains that when this kind of monsters known as demons possesses an individual thy torment and torture the body. As such, he offers the case of a female that was possessed by dark spirits. Also, the writer shows that when this kind of spiritual monsters possess an individual, the demerit is that they result in much suffering and agony to their casualties. He provides the instance of a male whose entire body distorted in pain while he was going through the demonic possession.  

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