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Business Environment and Society in Tropics

Question: Discuss about the Business Environment and Society in Tropics. Answer: Introduction: A set of ethical values as well as morals in order to define right and wring of an individual or a group is termed as ethics (McWilliams Williams, 2009, p. 55). The term ethics is derived from the Ancient Greek word ethos that indicates custom. There are mostly three key areas of study related to ethics: Meta-ethics: This is mostly concerned with the hypothetical meaning and reference of moral proposition. Normative ethics: This is mostly concerned with the practical way to determine a moral course of action. Applied ethics: This is mostly concerned with what an individual is grateful to do in a precise circumstance or a particular domain (Noddings, 2013). There are mostly two ethical practices that are observed by Cedele: The first ethical principle deals with the fact that every ingredient is selected carefully in order to add nutritional richness and exceptional flavor. In other words, they never include trans-fats or artificial ingredients. In order to help poor farmers, they make use of organic fair trade coffee beans from the US. This in turn also contributes to the community ("Inside," 2009). It can be thus concluded that Cedele is situated island-wide and provides products that includes no trans-fats. The major goal is to ensure superior food quality and all the food materials require to be natural in order to ensure that the customers accomplish quality products. Cedele mostly serves Asian, Western and a fusion of both culture products in order to cater to the taste buds of the domestic customers. On the other hand, in order to provide aid to the economy and poor farmers fair trade coffee beans from the US are also used. However, it is believed by Cedele that in order to succeed in the business sector the sincerity of service, food safety and positivity of customers assists us. The ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely is termed as sustainability. The concept related to the triple bottom line describes the complete definition of the term. Sustainability is also described as a socio-ecological procedure that is characterized by the detection of a common ideal. On the other hand, an ideal is defined as unattainable situation in a given time or space. Similarly, sustainable development is described as the organization of individuals for sustainability (Bebbington, Unerman O'Dwyer, 2014). The triple bottom line comprises 1. Environmental (green and environmental friendly) 2. Economic (financial and development) and 3. Social (human rights and opportunity) sustainability. (, n.d.) The ingredients that are provided by Cedele are all homemade and natural. In other words, all the products that are provided are organic, fresh, and natural as well as prepared fresh. The workers are mostly encouraged with the help of the company moto that says Waste Not. This is mostly used to encourage the workers to remain green and to recycle wastes (Huang, 2009). The bakery was started in the year 1997, and since then it started to grow and expand. Besides being located island-wide, the stores have also penetrated the market in Hong-Kong and there are also several upcoming projects to innovate and enlarge. The samples of the delicates are also provided to the customers in order to make them try. As a result, sales target are achieved with the help of the marketing ideas (Huang, 2009). We also offer career upgrading with the help of coaching, training and personal development courses along with our supportive working environment. With the help of the training and personal development courses, the workers are able to maintain discipline from the moment they start working. Besides, being passionate about their work and connecting with people, the workers also love to work in teams. General Environment mostly refers to recurrently used strategies that include six segments. Political: The political segment mostly covers governmental movements such as taxation, trading policy and general government constancy. Economic: The economic segment includes macroeconomic issues, such as inflation, interest and rates of unemployment. It also includes the overall health of the economy. Social: The social segment mostly deals with population demographics that involve watching cultural and sociological changes over the short-term and long-term (Beasley, Jason Miller, 2012). Technological: The technological changes in the market are mostly included in the technological segment. The technological changes in the market mostly includes rate of development of new goods as well as advancement in mechanization or service industry delivery speeds. Environmental: Under the environmental segment, the analysis is directed towards alteration in weather prototypes as well as any other natural disasters that takes place. Legal: The sixth and the last segment is the legal segment that mostly deals with new laws and regulation affecting a business (Suresh, Matthews Coyne 2013). The procedure to examine how every segment can have an impact on the company is termed as PESTAL analysis (mba-lectures, 2012). Each point is explained in the following way: Our company has various sorts of rules as well as teams to monitor and control everything in order to maintain high standards and to fulfill legal requirements. The fresh quality, cleanliness and hygiene requirements are well met with the help of our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Team. The GDP growth rate of Singapore in the recent years had averaged to 6.92 percent from the year 1975 to 2016. The GDP accomplished an all time high rate of 37.20 percent in the year 2010. However, just before two years, that is on 20078 the GDP recorded a low of -13.50 percent (Trading Economics, n.d.). We are constantly pursuing for opportunities and innovative ideas with constant change in trends. As many individuals are striving for healthy lifestyles, we are trying to come up with healthy and fun ideas. We mainly aim to provide organic products to grow more in the future. With the advancement in technology all over the world, the manufacturing and production of the products are increasing. On the other hand, the distribution of the products is becoming more faster and more competent. The customers are also enabled as they are able to order online with the help of the upcoming new Smartphone apps. References Beasley, C. R., Jason, L. A., Miller, S. A. (2012). The general environment fit scale: A factor analysis and test of convergent construct validity.American journal of community psychology,50(1-2), 64-76. Bebbington, J., Unerman, J., O'Dwyer, B. (2014).Sustainability accounting and accountability. Routledge. External Environment (Mega or General Environment). ( 2010, 30 June). In MBA-Lectures.Retrieved from management/631/external-environment-mega-or-general-environment.html Huang, T.S. (2009, 28 May). Cedele by Bakery Depot. Nicolas Tangs Blog.Retrieved from Inside. (2009, November). Retrieved from makers/292-changing-the-world-with-ethical-shopping McWilliams, A., Williams, C. (2009). MGMT (2nd ed.). South Melbourne, Vic: Cengage Learning Australia. Noddings, N. (2013).Caring: A relational approach to ethics and moral education. Univ of California Press. Singapore GDP Growth Rate, (n.d.). In Trading Economics.Retrieved from SPRING Singapore. (n.d.). Retrieved from Industries/FBS/Pages/food-beverage-services.aspx Suresh, P., Matthews, A., Coyne, I. (2013). Stress and stressors in the clinical environment: a comparative study of fourth?year student nurses and newly qualified general nurses in Ireland.Journal of clinical nursing,22(5-6), 770-779. Sustainability. (n.d.). In from

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